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Ulhmann Visiotec Printing Systems

With the use of intelligent systems for the printing and labelling of blister lid foil, labels, instruction leaflets and in principle even the design of the cartons, the production process gains new prospects for flexibility and cost reduction. The printing cliche is out. Any combination of graphics, text and variable data in one layout is now state of the art. Making changes to printed data in the existing process poses no problem, printing whole areas and high standards of artwork is simplistic. New layouts are prepared in a DTP system independent from production and just loaded as required. Existing layouts can be converted and supplied in the system. Integrated safety functions and programs for automatic checking of layouts are taken for granted.
Everything to take the pressure off pharmaceutical production.


is a laser printing system meeting the highest demands of multicolored graphic design on all materials used in the packaging process including the instruction leaflets. It works completely flexible with internally stored electronic layouts - prepared independently in the DTP system - and in-line can be combined any way you like with variable production data. From partial layout to the artwork of whole areas the system controls the broadest spectrum of use currently available for packaging designs and printing possibilities.


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