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Ulhmann Visiotec Inline Active Substance Analysis


is a technology that is revolutionary in meeting the pharmaceutical companiesí safety requirements. VisioNIR is capable of identifying tablets, capsules and gels with organic compounds without contact and ensuring that all products in one blister have the correct active substances, the correct concentrations of active substances together with the desired position in the blister. As VisioNIR-liquid it can also be used for liquids in ampoules, syringes, vials, etc.

The "Visio" part of the name stands for the optical checking, namely the presence, shape, color, size, chips and position of a product. NIR stands for Near Infra-Red spectroscopy of between 800 and 2,500 nm. Light with this wavelength stimulates molecular vibrations from which it is possible to determine the physical-chemical parameters and therefore the fingerprint of a mixture of substances. Mix-ups, changes and human errors can be ruled out once a check has been completed using VisioNIR.

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