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Ulhmann Visiotec Colour Inspection

VisioChrom HR

Using the technology of a color line scan camera, VisioChrom HR sets totally new standards with respect to error recognition, evaluation possibilities and user comfort. High-resolution blister inspection with over 2,048 pixels per color line (RGB). Detection of the smallest impurities and other defects. Maximum reliability thanks to the possibility of checking the product after sealing which means through the closed blister. Checking of tablets for position, color, presence, chips, shape and other irregularities


is like VisioPan a high-performance system which, in addition to the position, presence, chips and shape of tablets, capsules, ampoules, carpoules, vials and syringes is also capable of checking the color fidelity of the product. The in-line integration in a packaging process with capacities of 1,200 blisters per minute is easily possible. Both continuous and intermitted, completely accurate using different evaluation procedures, with comprehensive recording of statistics for each blister and documentation of all parameters and measurement results for the validation.


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