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Harro Hofliger Wallet Technology

Modular WalletLine – for packages with future

For pharmaceuticals and lifestyle products the wallet pack is being increasingly accepted as the ideal platform for consumer-oriented products. Wallet packs are far superior to pure blister packs in terms of information variety and customer benefit. Analysis aids, scales, and tables can also be integrated without difficulty as diagnostics, test facilities and sample packs. Inserts such as booklets and more detailed information can also be integrated as well as guide systems for administering help or brief usage instructions.

Wallet machines have been part of our product range for over 2 decades. Based on individual solutions we have developed a modular machine platform which allows the manufacture of a broad range of wallet packs at a high output. In keeping with our motto "ALL YOU NEED", our range of services does not end with the wallet machine, but we also offer integral turnkey projects that include the overall acceptance of the wallet line at our plant.

The basic equipment consists of the feed modules for the wallet, booklet and blister, and of modules for the folding, closing and outfeed of the finished packs.

Höfliger also supplies all the complementary systems to the wallet unit – for product conveyance, handling of the product components, exact-positional feeding, placement and fixing, integration of control units for the monitoring and documentation of critical parameters for laser coding or printing.

The most important features of the modular wallet line:

  • Modular and gmp-compliant design

  • Expandable modules

  • Very high flexibility in components

  • Seamless connection to the process

  • High availability and flexibility

  • Various closing alternatives

  • Simplest format changeover by integrated format range

The advantages of a cooperation with Höfliger as system partner:

  • Extensive advice in all project steps

  • Consistent project management for highest transparency

  • Management of Turn-key projects

  • Complete line synchronization with following acceptance at the manufacturers’ plant

  • Standardized validation documentation which is revised with the customers requirements

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