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Harro Hofliger Patch Technology

Fully automatic manufacture of patches, band-aids and TTS
Product-compliant engineering for unusual applications

Patch machines with a new type of highly developed process technology have been developed in close collaboration with the patch manufacturers. On the machine series in the patch segment it is possible to manufacture several product groups with widely differing sizes. The film/foil materials used are processed on the machine straight off the roll. All popular roll materials such as wound dressing band material, dressing pads, silicone paper, self-adhesive foils or fabrics can be processed.
The material properties that are specific to the product are taken into consideration in designing each installation. All individual steps required in the manufacture of band-aids are integrated to produce a machine concept that is tailored to the relevant product.

PMK series
Manufacture of multi-layer products from unwind materials continuous operating mode

PMT series
Manufacture of multi-layer products from unwind materials intermittent operating mode

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