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Harro Hofliger Customised Solutions

We are specialized in development and realization of customized concepts for the manufacture, assembly and packaging of pharmaceutical products. We are at the leading edge with innovative technologies for the processing of i.e.:

  • Inhaler production engineering
    filling and packaging of micronized powder

  • Syringe production engineering
    assembly, filling and packaging of depot syringes

  • Syringe production engineering
    manufacturing, filling and controlling of 2-chamber autoinjectors

  • Inhaler production engineering
    filling of inhalers with micronized powder and assembly

  • Inhaler production engineering
    filling and assembly of liquid inhalers

  • Film/foil engineering
    packaging of freeze-dried tablets

  • Diagnostics engineering
    filling and packaging of strips and small bottles

  • Assembly/handling technique
    winding and packaging of surgical suture products

When it’s a question of providing solutions for end packaging into bags or cardboard boxes we can make the right selection from a wide range of technical facilities.

Other products from Harro Hofliger

Home & care products

  • Detergent dose packs

  • Dishwasher tabs

  • Contact lense strip

  • Tissues

  • Mouth refreshing strips

  • Lithium-ion-batteries

  • Round cell batteries

Food & Luxury:

  • Cappuccino filled into side sealed sachets

  • Cartoning of bottles

  • Applying seals to bottles

  • Packaging of Nespresso® Capsules

  • Convolute cans for Pringles®

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