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Harro Hofliger Capsule Technology

Universal applications with hard gelatine capsules

The hard gelatine capsule has a firm place in the broad range of administering forms for medicaments. Its special advantages, e.g. universal application in the powder, pellet, liquid or tablet dosing segment means that pharmaceutical products will continue in the future to be administered in the form of hard gelatine capsules. As in all sectors, here too, there has been a shift in recent years towards smaller and smaller batches, with increasing product variety, and to higher and higher quality consciousness.
We have adjusted to this and now supply for the medium performance range a group of state-of-the-art capsule fill and seal machines that are characterized by their high degree of flexibility, especially in the galenic segment and for small-scale production.

Besides a modular capsule weighing system which is used either as a stand-alone solution or is directly linked to production machines for a 100 % weight check, our product range is rounded off by capsule orienting and capsule polishing machines.

As in all product segments here too we offer comprehensive services, ranging from dosing and weighing trials for new products through to extensive validation support.

Hard gelatine capsule fill machine
Filling and sealing of hard gelatine capsules

Capsule weighing system KWS
For a 100 % inspection of hard gelatine capsules


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