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Harro Hofliger Top Loading

TopLoader – the innovation in end packaging

The latest development by Höfliger is the TopLoader TL 60. This completely modular developed line connects flexibility and adaptiveness in a total new way.

Simple opening – Top Opening – and closing of the package, clear arrangement of the components, and user-friendly removal of the articles. These added benefits can be provided most economically bay a production process where the cartons are filled from above, by means of TopLoading. A variety of different products e. g. blister strips, tubes, vials, ampoules, swabs, syringes, pipettes, dosing aids, inserts, booklets and CDs can be integrated in a multi-product package by TopLoading.

The TopLoader is featuring:

  • Modular and GMP compliant design

  • Flexibility in integration of components

  • Output up to 100 cartons/min.

  • Extremely wide standard format range

  • Optimal accessibility

An overview about the TopLoader technology:

  • Modular system for customized adaption, now or in the future, to the particular packaging task

  • Diverse array of infeed and robot systems

  • Modular system insertion with slide for the processing of multi-layer glued brochures or CDs

  • Inspection systems adapted to the product (e. g. light barriers, vision systems, code lasers, code scanners, check etc.)

  • Leaflet folding device with storage for the supply of leaflets

  • Modules for holding items ready for infeed, including accumulating tables, magazines for vials and ampoules, carton magazines for carton inserts, etc.

  • Blister feed systems for direct interlinkage with thermoform machines

  • Integrated laser lettering for inline coding and marking of packages with variable data

  • Hotmelt gluing devices for closing the carton with tamper-evident closure

  • Integrated weighing technology for 100% control

  • Labelers to apply labels to cartons

  • Embossing for visible and tangible marking of TopLoader cartons

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