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Fette Press Tooling

The central reason for FETTE-tableting tools on FETTE-tablet presses

Everything fits perfectly!
We have taken all aspects into consideration:

  • Sizes of punch head and cam
  • Tolerances of punch shank and punch bore
  • Hardness of punch and compression roller
  • Quality of surface and material of punches and press

This increases the assurance for continuous, disruption-free production. We have over 50 years of experience in construction of presses and tools that other manufacturer hardly can match.

Already a part of the technical standard at Fette: - double-sided tapered dies,
  - Dust protection cap grooves

Already a part of the service standard at Fette:

- comprehensive production and application consulting

Compression tooling regarding EURO and TSM specification for all common tablet presses and powder material, for different dimensions and highest productivity through a very small tolerance range to reach a optimised performance between tableting presses and compression tooling.

Our attention for compression tooling is located for serial tooling, i. e. the supplyment of our customer with round, oval and capsule compression tooling according:

EU19 / TSM19 / Japanese specific called ′′B′′ tooling
EU1′′ / TSM1′′ /                             called ′′D′′ tooling
EU1′′-441                                     ′′D′′ tooling with a special Head shape ′′441′′

FETTE manufacture also special tools like EU 28, EU 35, EU 45 and tooling for our old FETTE tablet presses.

An other division of special tool are the battery and multi tip tooling, which you can certainly buy from us. We offer you a big choice of possibility:

  • graduated price offer advantage for different quantities and for repeated orders
  • minimum order quantity: 20 pieces per each
  • material choice: standard, carbide, stainless steel (approx. 18 % chrome share)
  • coating: at request with hard chromium plating and other possibility

Please take the advantages of FETTE-compression tooling!

Would like us to send a quotation without any obligation to you. Please click here for your enquiry.

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