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Fette Manufacturing Accessories

The GRATEX, made of stainless steel, removes dust and burrs from the tablets directly at the press without damaging them. It has a rotating sieve drum that can handle a continuous throughput of tablets at any production rate, even the high output rates achievable with FETTE’s modern, high-tech presses. All its components are light and can be dismantled quickly and simply without need for any tools. Its key benefits are simplicity of operation, full compliance with GMP regulations and optimal work safety features.


The Uphill De-duster has a vertical lifting height of between 500 and 1000 mm, is highly flexible to install and enables you to remove dust and burrs from tablets in a process complying with GMP and FDA regulations. Dust and burrs are removed from the tablets whilst they are being transported upwards by vibration through a continuous spiral. Other features of the FETTE Uphill Deduster are adjustable throughput rates, height gain for subsequent stages of the process and safe exhaust of the dust through a central suction pipe.


The WiP-Uphill De-duster is a new development for the whole generation of WiP presses. The tablets are transported by vibration through the perforated metal spiral in which dust and burrs are removed without damaging the product. The Washing in Place process can be performed either online together with the press itself and controlled from the operating panel or as a stand-alone cleaning operation.



As usual, FETTE can also offer an economic alternative to this accessory – the PKB 2. Using either gravimetric or volumetric dosage techniques, this transports powdered magnesium stearate to the tablet press to coat the compression tools, thereby preventing adhesion of the powder to the surface of the punches and damage to the tablet on ejection. A mobile version of the PKB 2 is also available.


FETTE´s fully encased Magnesium Stearate Spraying System 3, PKB 3 for short, dusts the compression surfaces with magnesium stearate when adhesive products are being tableted. This prevents the product from sticking to the compression tools. There is an automatic machine stop function if dosage problems arise and an acoustic alarm if the jets become clogged. These ensure extremely high reliability in unsupervised operation. Dosage in this model of the PKB can be either volumetric or gravimetric. Those of our customers who have installed this system enjoy high production reliability, clean production surfaces and optimal protection of their tools.


The CHECKMASTER 4.1 provides fully automatic checking of four parameters: weight, hardness, thickness and diameter. It is simple to operate, can be fully integrated into in-process control and comes with a FETTE guarantee of high precision in your tablet manufacture and consistent tablet quality. It can also be operated either manually or as a stand-alone function in conjunction with a PC. It selects sample tablets, which are collected in special sampling bins. Sampling during the tableting process can take place either before or after the tablets have passed through the Gratex . Its unlimited ability to perform and evaluate the measurements automatically and the unique facility for automatic regulation of the tablet press make the CM 4.1 an excellent choice for your production.


The WEIGHTMASTER 4.1 is a practical alternative to the CHECKMASTER 4.1. This attractively-priced accessory for in-process control monitors only tablet weight and can be calibrated. This very economical accessory is easy to adjust and calibrate and can also produce protocols of individual test results.


To ensure the absolute top quality and a sense of reliability for you and your customers, we recommend using a Safeline metal detector in your tableting process. This can be installed at the stage after compression or dust removal and detects all tablets containing metallic impurities as well as other objects that may have found their way into the process. Any reject tablets are then ejected from the production run through a high-speed electrically-operated flap. One of the key benefits of this accessory is its contribution towards attainment of high operating times in tablet production.





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