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Uhlmann Stretch Banding

Stretch-banding Machines S3015, S3025 and S3040

A stretch bander for band-rolled and shrink-wrapped bundles with an easy to clean cantilevered design a typical feature of GMP compatible production.

  • Infeed capacity up to 150/250/400 cartons per minute

  • Output up to max. 15/25/40 bundles/min

  • Simple format changeover without tools

Wraparound Machine E3060

A wraparound machine for simple line connection with Uhlmann cartoners for GMP-compatible production from the beginning to the end.

The E3060 processes up to 500 cartons per minute and can produce up to 60 bundles in the same time. The cartons are wrapped into bundles using poly-ethylene film. Stacking can be carried out flat or on edge. An integral feature of the end-of-line packer is the adjustment of the bundle size according to customer requirements suited to the production of small batches.

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