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Sepha Blisterpack Leak Detection

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Non-Destructive Leak Testing for Blisterpacks
USA Patent Number 6687622
BlisterScan Non-Destructive Leak Testing for blisterpacks
Revolutionary design using state-of-the-art
non-contact scanning technology at an affordable price
Do you have these problems with your current leak test?
BlisterScan will solve your
leak testing problems...
Messy tests make packs unusable Eliminates mess so you can
re-integrate good packs into the packaging line and recover good product from bad packs
Tested packs must be destroyed, incurring high waste disposal costs Recovers cost of product and
refines packaging for disposal
Unclear results
so you can't tell which pocket is
leaking, only which blister pack
Identifies the precise
pocket that is leaking

(see diagram below)
Operators make
subjective judgments so
test results are unreliable
Reliable, validated process protected from operator errors
Can't detect holes smaller than
50 microns
Tests leaks as small as
5 microns


This is the BlisterScan screen,
which shows the Test Results
This test was carried out on
six blisterpacks simultaneously
The good pockets are shown in green

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Other Features of BlisterScan:

De-skilled -- easy to operate
Touch screen controls and graphic display of test results (see above example)
Less than 30 seconds for product changeover
Full web testing up to 320mm width
Fast test cycle
Storage of results
Full 21 CFR Part 11 validation package available

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