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Perfumes, cremes, gels, lotions, mascara and liposom pellets , attractive container shapes, innovative closure types - the most beautiful challenge for Kugler.

Bubble free filling of cremes, inserting of mascara brushes - only two of the many Kugler specialties, which make the manufacturing process more economical and precise.

Kugler offers machines:

  • for various product specifications

  • for individual container shapes and closure types

  • as stand-alone-machines or complete processing lines.

Kugler machines are:

  • Quickly adjustable for other formats

  • Easy to clean

  • Appropriate for CIP/SIP cleaning

  • Safe in function due to modular construction

  • Highly flexible due to the use of servo technology

Dosing systems:
The following dosing systems are applied by Kugler for the cosmetic industry:

  • Mass flow system (MDM)

  • Inductive flow system (DFI)

  • Rotary piston pumps

  • Piston pumps

  • Vacuum filling system


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