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Carton & Crate Packers

Automatic packer designed to receive and arrange containers arriving from the filling section, pick them up in a desired quantity and format and place them in cartons or crates.

The machine stands out for its technology, level of automation and reliability. The work cycle is managed and controlled at every phase by P.L.C.

Compact and robust
Due to the care and attention taken in the designing of the machine, it can be fitted with a multitude of pick-up systems to handle a wide range of products.

High production rate
The pick-up system is supported and moved by an articulated arm with a smooth sinusoidal speed movement throughout all phases of the work cycle. The machine is supplied with one or more pick-up devices on an appropriately dimensioned structure to adapt to the maximum possible needs of each individual customer.

Ease of use
No specialised personnel required. As the software is personalised to the product and the needs of each customer with an operator friendly control panel, use is kept as simple as possible. The operator panel is fitted with an auto-diagnostic system with up to 40 signals to resolve quickly and easily any inconvenience which may occur.


  • Stainless steel structure

  • Type of pick-up heads

  • Automatically adjustable pick-up head

  • Movement to pack two layers

  • Product aligning device

  • Layer separation insertion

  • Carton base introduction

  • Carton separator inserter

  • Explosion proof version

  • Data supervision or possibility of integrating into company supervision high-way for statistical or management data purposes

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