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Automatic Tray Sealing

Vision 400

The leading edge design of this compact and space saving fully automatic high speed heat sealing machine combines simplicity of use with flexibility. Ground breaking features offered by this small machine include tooling and product changes in just 2 minutes, advanced control systems and production speeds of 80 packs per minute.

This machine can be used for atmospheric, gas flushing (MAP-F) and vacuum gas flushing (MAP-V) packaging with the option of high oxygen making it an attractive choice for those who are looking for the benefit of enhanced presentation and increased shelf life.

  • Seals trays up to 80 packs per minute
  • Offers atmospheric, gas flushing and vacuum flushing as well as high oxygen
  • Capable of sealing plain or printed film to any compatible container including CPET, APET, alumnium foil, polypropylene, PVC and board
  • Foil crimping option available
  • Can be fitted with castors for easy relocation


  • Very quick and simple tooling set changes of just 2 minutes due to a clever fixing mechanism which can be released by hand and a self-docking mechanism which automatically aligns electrical and gas connectors in the tool and machine removing the need for external connectors for power leads and air pipes
  • Access for tooling changes from both sides of the machine
  • Tooling design allows very quick replacement of new cutting blades and heater mats


  • Touch sensitive control screen that can be rotated to allow use from either side of machine
  • Menu operated control screen allows pre-programming of recipes and tools for quick and simple product changes
  • Pre-programmed tooling sets are automatically identified by the machine and associated with the appropriate recipe, removing the likelihood of operator error following recipe changes
  • Data logging of production information
  • Operator and engineering manual accessed on the control screen for ease of use
  • Diagnostic capabilities which include the identification of specific devices which have failed within a safety circuit
  • All sensors, solenoids, encoders and guard switches are connected via plug and sockets to allow rapid replacement in case of failure

Hygiene and Cleanability

  • Hygienic construction includes stainless steel guarding and a sealed machine bed that can be washed down

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