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Ancillary Equipment


The fillers are specifically for use with liquids, creams and semi solids with particulates up to 20 cubic mm and can be fitted with an agitator for difficult products.

Designed to work in conjunction with PA conveyor fed heat sealing machines, they are available in two formats, high and low level fillers.
The range is produced with a variety of cylinder capacities and volume options. They can be mounted on castors for location flexibility.
The free standing low level filler is ergonomically designed to allow easy refilling of the hopper and is available with a single or twin head which is capable of filling two different products simultaneously.


Continuous or intermittent feed conveyors are designed and engineered to integrate with all heat sealing machines.

The chain conveyor is manufactured in modular stainless steel sections with laser cut guards fitted where necessary.

The conveyor is usually in a three chain format and is designed to accommodate all trays and be compatible with most types of denester, depositor and multi-head weigher.

Continuous or intermittent feed conveyors are designed and engineered specifically for use in conjunction with all PA automatic and semi automatic heat sealing machines.

- variable specification to accommodate customer requirements
- available to hire


The denesters are capable of automatically placing empty trays from a stack onto the infeed conveyor of automatic processing lines. They are available in two formats, a mobile denester and an integrated model designed specifically for PA conveyors.

The unique method of operation consistently achieves speeds of up to 100 trays per minute even with a very small denest gap.  The denester is mechanically driven from either the chain conveyor or from an independent driver, giving full synchronisation and is supplied with a low level tray sensor and height adjustment.

Tray sizes can be changed in minutes due to the simple design of the quick release drive mechanism and interchangeable tray magazines.

Trays of various shapes, sizes and materials can be destacked including CPET, APET, PP and PVC along with EPS and smooth wall foils.

The mobile denesters are designed for integration with any compatible conveyor system and have the flexibility of removal and repositioning.

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