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Sachet & Foil Technology

Mespack Pouch Filling and Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal machines

Flexible packaging has changed recently to the point that today the pack presentation cannot be any longer a simple package, but a packaging solution with real shape and function benefits to set the difference between a well presented and innovative product and the rest. New packaging methods are constantly being developed to provide more attractive packs as well as extended product protection and shelf life. Mespack are playing an active role finding new valuable marketing benefits through packaging innovation.

Most common materials used in Mespack machines would be PET/PE, Paper/ALU/PE, ALU/PE, PET/ALU/PE amongst many other combinations of PP, LDPE, HDPE, Pet and laminates.

Mespack Stick Pack machine MS-18:

The range varies from 4 to 12 lanes depending on the width of the Stick Pack and is available with different type of fillers to fill liquids, granules and powders. The features include:
  • High performance
  • Servo driven film index
  • Adjustable film tension pneumatically controlled
  • Independent seal jaws
  • Easy clean seal jaws (turnable 180)
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI): a 10 colour touch screen.
  • Max. Reel width: 640mm
  • Capacity: 240 sticks/minute for 4 lanes and 825 sticks/lane for 12 lanes

Mespack Small Compact Sachet machine H-100:

Technical specifications of H-100
Production Speed: 100 ppm
Min. Sachet Dimensions: 30(W) x 30(H) mm
Max. Sachet Dimensions: 100(W) x 130(H) mm
Volume: 1 to 50 cc
Total Energy: 6 Kw
Max. Reel dia: 450 mm
Max. web width: 260 mm

Mespack Flexible Sachet machine H-140:

Technical specifications of H-140
Available in Simplex and Duplex versions
Production Speed: 100 ppm in Simplex and 200 ppm in Duplex
Min. Sachet Dimensions: 50(W) x 100(H) mm
Max. Sachet Dimensions: 140(W) x 200(H) mm
Volume: 5 to 250 cc
Total Energy: 7.5 Kw
Max. Reel dia: 450 mm
Max. web width: 400 mm

Mespack Fill Seal machine H-180SC, H-260SC and H-320SC for Pre-made Pouches

Technical specifications of H-180SC, H-260SC and H-320SC Machines:
Available in Simplex and Duplex versions
Production Speed: 60 ppm in Simplex and 120 ppm in Duplex
Min. Pouch Dimensions: 80(W) x 120(H) mm
Max. Pouch Dimensions: 320(W) x 300(H) mm
Volume: up to 3000 cc
Total Energy: 10 Kw

Mespack Form Fill Seal machine H-180 for multiple applications

Technical specifications of H-180 Machine:
Available in Simplex and Duplex versions
Type of pouches: Flat, stand up (gusseted)
Suitable for filling solid, liquid, powder, granules,
Production Speed: 60 ppm in Simplex and 180 ppm in Duplex
Min. Pouch Dimensions: 70(W) x 100(H) mm
Max. Pouch Dimensions: 190(W) x 300(H) mm
Volume: up to 1500 cc
Total Energy: 12 Kw


Vibratory Filler

This system is used for free flowing products which due to their characteristics cannot be dosed using a conventional system. The vibratory filler is composed of stainless steel vibratory bowls which provide a continuous flow of product into the vibratory channels which are synchronized to the machine cycle.

Auger Filler

This filling system is for free and non free flowing products as well as for dusty and volatile products. The auger fillers are available in simplex, duplex, triplex or quadruplex versions. There are two different versions of Auger Filler and in both cases, the fill dose is pre-set in a counter of the touch screen.

A/C Motor with clutch / brake system: Here the count is made by the impulses of a transducer through a fast count input of the PLC. This system is more economical, but it needs periodic maintenance in the clutch / brake and it is not possible to adjust the speed of the screw.
Accuracy is around +/- 1.5 % for most products.

D/C Servomotor: The stop position is always exact (with no inertia) and hence the accuracy is high.
This system does not require any maintenance and permits to adjust the speed and the acceleration / decceleration curves of the screw.
Accuracy is around +/- 1 % for most products.

Pneumatic Piston Filler

This type of filler is particularly used for viscous and pasty products. The pump is composed of a 20 litre hopper made of stainless steel connected to an electric valve. It is synchronized with the filling machine through an electric signal, which allows to fill at each impulse. There are several pump sizes to cover fill doses from 1 to 250 cc. The nozzles are customized according to the product characteristics and can be supplied with suck back or blow off system. These filling pumps have various optional accessories as heated or pressurized hoppers for very thick products, hopper level detectors, stirrers, C.I.P. facilities etc... Fill temperature up to 95 degrees centigrade.
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