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Paper Rewinders / Coreless Rewinding

The Bragernes BM-1005 Base Rewinder was developed and perfected over a number of years. Today Bragernes uses the latest PLC technology to control paper length and machine functions. Equipped with the optional Core feeder and cardboard sheet feeder it is the most flexible and reliable small roll converting machine available.


Technical specifications:

BM 1005: 600 800 1000 1200
Working width: 250-600 mm.
250-800 mm.
250-1000 mm.
250-1200 mm.
Machine speed: 250 m/min. or 100 rolls/min.
820 ft/min. or 100 rolls/min.
Roll length : 1-50 meter (depending on material quality)
3-165 ft.
Length adjustment: Standard: Increments of 0,5 m.
Optional: Increments of 1 mm or 0,1". Easy switching between metric and imperial measuring through touch screen panel.


Cardboard Reinforced

On Core

Bragernes Star Packer

The Bragernes Star Packer is a unique Bragernes design and the fastest machine on the market for wrapping cylindrical products in shrink film.



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