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The TPS 2000 is a polishing machine with a built-in capsule sorter which polishes capsules, by removing the powder from their outside surface, empty, broken or separated capsules.
Production speed: up to 200.000 capsules/hour.


The weight control automatically collects the filled capsule samples from the capsule filler and checks their weights during the production cycle. This weight control is based on the strict application of statistic methodology.

The application software, designed and supplied by MG2, contains all the information necessary to run the entire system.

A document is automatically supplied eliminating any reading or writing errors, common with manual systems, thus avoiding the need for any further technical controls by the producer.

Weight information is therefore available during the capsule-filling phase instead of at the end of production. This allows micrometric weight adjustments during the production.

A special automatic weight adjustment module can be fitted on the weight control system at any moment.


SR/O is a filled capsule sorting machine which eliminates, after the filling machine production cycle, any crushed, deformed, oval-shaped or anomalous capsule. Due to its design and manufacture, SR/O is very easy to use, is not too large or heavy and can be easily moved. Its use does not require the presence of an operator.

SR/O mainly consists of a frame on adjustable feet, a fixed speed reducer motor and rotating drum with 12 plates which have holes of a size calibrated with the size of the capsules.

To clean it, the machine can be easily dismantled in all its parts and this does not require qualified personnel.


The Mod. SL/M is a semi-automatic bench sealing machine for the radial sealing of hard-shell gelatine capsules.
Production speed: 10/70 capsules per rotation (depending on the transport disc used).

In-process control system for net weight of products dosed in hard gelatine capsules

The NETT system represents the most recent and important development in weight control systems.
The NETT system controls each filled capsule and eliminates from production any capsules which are outside the weight limits.
During normal machine functioning the NETT system, using two capacitive sensors, first checks the empty capsule and subsequently the same capsule after filling, and calculates the net weight of the product dosed by subtracting one from the other. The two sensors are calibrated by an analytical balance. The system computer checks and manages all the data collected by the sensors and the balance and automatically deals with any weight adjustments.


The unit for dosing powder into blisters was designed to meet the specific requirements of the most innovative pharmaceutical companies to dose, often small or very small quantities, with or without compression, directly into blister pockets, but also into small containers arranged in an orderly manner, but in a variable geometric manner.
The production speed is 35 strokes per minute.
The Flexofill dosing head can be adapted to fit all makes of blister machine.

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