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Harro Hofliger Sachet & Foil Technology

Future-oriented filling and packaging of bulk products
A suitable sachet technique for any product

Today the four-edge sealed sachet is one of the most widespread types of packaging for instant drinks, ready-to-serve meals, seeds, spices, baby food, pet food, particular products, cleansers and many more.
In recent years a broad range of shapes have been developed from the classic three or four-edge sealed sachets:
Fold base sachets, double-wall sachets, stand-up sachets, twin sachets, contoured sachets.

Each of these forms can be varied by a wide range of finishing features that improve the handling or product presentation:
Tear tabs, perforation, grip holes, inspection windows, punch marks for attachment holes, resealable closure, print of variable data online.

BRT series
the modern sachet machine for high purity and hygiene requirements

Peripheral engineering
We manufacture a broad range of add-on units for in-line linking


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