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Hang Sell Packaging

Blister Packaging

  • Both Blister & Skin Packaging are Methods where by products are secured to a promotional card and then displayed on a hook for sale.
  • Blister packaging uses pre-made blisters to hold the product
  • Skin packaging vacuum forms either a flexible or ridged film over the product which conforms to the products shape.

    Industries covered

    Toy - Novelties - Hardware - Cosmetic - Pharmaceutical for tables & capsules - House hold products - confectionery - Food products - etc

    MPI Australia range includes:
  • Semi automatic Blister sealer model TH 45-35 capable of 7000 packs per shift
  • Fully automatic Blister sealer capable of 100,000 packs per shift
  • Semi automatic Skin packer model SV 610 capable of 8000 packs per shift
  • Rotary pressure trimmer model RPT 610 for further processing of skin pack cards

MPI also manufactures custom heat and pressure sealers, please let us know about your packaging requirements for further assistance.

Skin Packing

For the packaging of products which demand the flexibility beyond the practical capabilities of blister sealing machinery, MPI has the solution - skin packaging. The culmination of 30 years of manufacture and research may be found in our current skin packaging model the SV610 a state-of-the-art machine so advanced that, aside from its skin packaging capabilities it may be adapted for use is a blister manufacturing unit.

This equipment complemented by a MPI Rotary Pressure Trimmer (for final cutting of skin packed sheets into individual card packs) no skin packing task is beyond your capabilities.

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