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Fine grain powder products (such as cocoa, powdered milk, flour, icing sugar, starches, etc.), even those that could have compacting, dustiness and variable density problems, can be dosed with the VAD auger dosers.

Feeding the product using a sealed hopper, with a capacity of about 30 litres, fitted with a product level control sensor and a motorized agitator.

The rotation speed of the worm screw doser, made from a solid , is electronically controlled by a brushless servo motor which allows the acceleration and deceleration ramps to be used for instant stopping of the screw, guaranteeing maximum dosing precision.

The lack of brushes and the clutch brake, peculiar to this type of motor, reduces maintenance considerably and the high mechanical performance, with height torques also at low speed, make this doser particularly suitable for handling difficult products.

Production data, the motor's acceleration and deceleration values and the storage of different programs for products and sizes can be entered through a digital control panel with an alphanumerical display.

All parts which come into contact with the product are made of AISI 304 or AISI 316 food grade stainless steel.

The volumetric auger doser can be combined with a  vertical packaging machines and machines which use a different packaging principle. It can also be used manually.
With products that have variable density the auger doser can be coupled to a checkweigher being equipped with feedback to bring pack weight within the set tolerances.

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